We are pursuing this by creating organizations, products and services that generate profound and lasting societal value.
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Geostationary Spacecraft
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Electric Air Taxi and Cargo
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AI-Powered Warehouse Robotics
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Residential Solar and Energy
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HMI Tools and OS
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Cars on Demand
Figure Arrow Right
AI-Powered Humanoid Robots
Future Space Arrow Right
Education Non Profit
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Kinetic Satellite Launcher
Spread Group Arrow Right
Sustainable Fashion / Dig. Innovation Platform
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High-Intensity Lasers
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Crystal Batteries
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Electric Air-Taxi and Cargo
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Lukasz Gadowski, Founder & CEO.

A dedicated and highly efficient team of professionals.

Selected leading service partners in Europe, USA and Asia.

Air mobility for a better world

10 Mio flying taxis/flying scooters can do the job of 1 billion cars. Build two companies in air mobility, which join the 'trillion dollar club' aka 'triceratops') until 2038.

Prosperity and climate

Invest in technology to solve climate; combination of energy generation and decarbonization. Unlock 100x energy.

Prosperity and peace

Avoid self extermination. Invest in world peace, global respect and global collaboration.

Prosperity and education

Increase investment in education by 10x - 100x in terms of money, time, love.

Prosperity and society

Participate in formulating and executing a vision 2080 for a better world via technology.

Technology can be very powerful and needs to be handled responsibly. But the tools to realize opportunities and solve challanges are already in place or about to be so. We can develop our civilization to the next level. In harmony with the planet. Mitigating and reversing climate change. In peace with a global community. Let's use our imagination and become creative. In the sense of creating the world we like to live in. Let's make things happen.

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